Welcome to the CactusBot documentation!

This page contains information about syntax and usage techniques for CactusBot.


Certain unique commands are included in every bot and are programmed with more functionalities than a standard text response.


Targets are snippets of text, enclosed by %s, that are dynamically replaced with corresponding values.


Instructions for running an instance of CactusBot.


If you want to add some features, make sure to follow these guidelines! It'll make things go a lot easier :)


CactusBot not in your channel, being a jerk, or in need of some water? We'd love to help you out! Shoot us a direct message on Twitter, and we will do our best to get things sorted as soon as possible.

Questions? Ideas? Hamster-powered floofle waffles?

Like most other things, send us a Tweet, either public or as a direct message @CactusDevTeam!


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